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After losing our Bengal cat Henry and navigating the many online resources, I decided to put the good search engine rankings of this blog to constructive use. Here I will make it a priority to post photos and information relating to Lost, Found and Missing Cats, Dogs and Pets in and around Fountain Hills and Peoria Arizona. I provide this service free of charge with no strings attached. I’m motivated solely by reuniting pets with their owners. I will post a listing for any type of pet missing from any place.

If you have lost a pet of any type, use this contact form. Include as much information as you can. Although I check communications throughout the day, I would greatly prefer you provide your own contact information. I will leave all lost pets postings up for a year or until I hear from you that you’ve found your pet.

If you have found a pet and wish to attempt to reunite it with it’s owner, contact me with as much information as you can. In situations where a found pet is at a shelter, I will typically need to remove found pet postings after 6 days. The reason is that most shelters are full to the brim with animals and must put intaked animals on the adoption list.


  1. I provide this service as a good Samaritan free of charge with no strings attached and no guarantees.
  2. I do not personally shelter animals so I cannot make any guarantees as to their status or health.
  3. This is an information relay, I am not able to protect you from spams, scams, bad news or mean comments from the public.
  4. I welcome and will cooperate fully with law enforcement conducting investigations into animal cruelty providing every bit of information available.
  5. I will post lost & founds ASAP as time is of the essence, but I cannot guarantee postings will appear immediately.


What to do if you’ve lost a pet:

  1. Time is of the essence, start quickly!
  2. Send me the info!
  3. Make a post on Craigslist under ‘lost & found’ and ‘pets’. Update/renew the ad every few days. Be prepared for unwanted responses.
  4. Check Craigslist for found pet ads.
  5. Post on social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. Look for community specific sections such as Fountain Hills Connection.
  6. Check with neighbors.
  7. Put food, water and things with familiar scents outside. Animals have a keen sense of smell and your dirty laundry will send familiar odors wafting through the neighborhood.
  8. Patrol your neighborhood, especially around dawn and dusk. Check the washes and parks. Don’t be afraid to talk to people. Folks out walking their dogs will be sympathetic to your cause nearly all the time. Studies have shown that cats tend to stay within several hundred yards of home and tend to frequent the same places, but may have gotten outside the normal range so make your search wide. If you have a dog that the cat likes, bring it with.
  9. Make flyers and distribute them around your neighborhood, at the local coffee shops, parks, etc.
  10. Visit and and utilize the counties services.
  11. Visit
  12. Visit and register your lost (or found) pet. They’re an information aggregator collecting lost & found pet reports from many sites.
  13. Use your favorite search engine and enter terms like ‘found cat Fountain Hills’
  14. Contact local veterinarians, they’ll help keep a lookout .
  15. Beware of websites charging money to make phone calls, emails and faxes. The calls they make are usually from an 800 series number which most people don’t listen to. You can accomplish the same thing or better yourself.
  16. Beware of people demanding a reward. Cash is a great way to motivated people to ‘do the right thing’, but only do cash in person with the animal present. Anyone demanding you paypal the money then meet later is pretty much guaranteed scamming you. If someone tries this, get as much information as you can and contact law enforcement.
  17. Don’t give up, many animals have be reunited with their owners weeks, months and sometimes over a year later. Many people own pets and know what it’s like to lose one and will act if they find your pet. But they need to be able to find you, so keep your online listings up to date.


How to help prevent losing a pet:

  1. Obviously the best way is to keep cats indoors and dogs on a harness. But escapes do happen and some cats prove very difficult to contain.
  2. Have your pet spayed or neutered. It reduces the urge to run amok, reduces undesirable behaviors and prevents unwanted puppies and kittens if they do get out.
  3. Don’t declaw your cat. They need these to fight or climb trees to avoid predators. Declawing isn’t just removing the nails, it’s more akin to having your toes removed. How well do you think you could walk or run without toes?
  4. Consider an enclosed outdoor catio or dog run for pets that are hell bent on going outside.
  5. Stay up to date with shots and vaccinations such as rabies.
  6. Have your pet microchipped! Yes, the humane society, pounds and vets do scan found pets for chips. As a volunteer for a cat rescue group I can tell you they do work to reunite lost pets with owners.
  7. Dogs should always have a collar. Cats too, but they can often get out of them so again with the microchip. Choose a silent collar, bells give fluffy a tactical disadvantage when avoiding predators.
  8. For animals determined to go outside, consider a GPS tracking collar.
  9. Know your neighbors and let them know what your pet looks like.
  10. Cats that go outdoor tend to live shorter lives. They can get parasites, get lost or meet an untimely demise. It’s very sad but it’s fact, if they go outside you need to prepare yourself for the possibility that someday they may not return.


Why do pets disappear?:

  1. There’s a lot of conjecture around this. Although cats in particular have been shown to stay relatively close to home, they may wander too far and loose their bearings. Perhaps due to a fight with another animal, chasing prey or being chased. Some like to explore cars and may inadvertently be taken for a ride well outside their range.
  2. Living in the desert, coyotes, bobcats and birds of prey such as owls sometimes take housepets. Smaller things like rabbits, mice and birds are more their typical diets, but if food is scarce, anything is possible. Javelina are generally not a threat to cats or dogs unless they are attacked.
  3. Streetwise cats and dogs avoid cars, but ones not accustomed to such may get hit.
  4. For reasons unbeknownst to me, some animals just move on and find another owner. So don’t assume the worst.


What to do if you’ve found a pet?:

  1. Provide food, water and shelter. Animals without access to water can be in trouble after a day, so getting them hydrated is critical.
  2. If possible, get them inside so they don’t run off while you attempt to find their owner.
  3. Check for injuries, bites, thorns, etc.
  4. Send me the info and check the same resources listed above under ‘lost a pet’. A concerned owner will make an effort to find their pet and if you make some effort to find that then you will probably meet.
  5. If possible, get the animal to a vet or a local shelter or humane society office so they can scan it for a microchip.
  6. Consider reaching out with some found pet ads. Keep information to a minimum: give lost pet owners enough data to act on (ie Found small white cat near the corner of such and such) and ask and respondents to confirm identity. If after some time you cannot locate any information about the owner and you cannot keep the animal, please surrender it to a no-kill shelter.


Contacting Me:

  1. Please initiate contact via this form. As this installation of WordPress has no mechanism to attach photos, we’ll need to be in touch via email so you can send me attachments if you want me to include photos. I can post several photos, don’t worry about the size or format, I can fix that if needed. Photos are not required but they sure help if you have them.
  2. In interest of timeliness and accuracy of information, I would greatly prefer that we include YOUR contact info in the listing.
  3. Sometimes an individual may contact me with information about a lost pet that is not good news because they’re hesitant to risk upsetting the owner. I would generally forward such information to the owner in interest of getting closure, unless you specifically ask me not to.
  4. If you’ve found a pet, I ask that you give at least two weeks although I won’t insist on that.
  5. Please read my disclaimer stated above.




This service is dedicated to Henry, who we hope can come home very soon.















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