FM Stereo HD Radio Folded Dipole Antenna in a Rugged PVC Radome

Engineered and assembled by me personally, I’m now offering this proven design for sale! Each unit has been individually tested to ensure 100% quality control. This antenna is designed to be installed indoors, in a closet, in an attic, under an eve or patio. Constructed of durable schedule 40 PVC pipe, this is not a fragile antenna subject to easy damage or detuning due to rain. It’s mildly directional perpendicular to it’s length – just enough to help null out interfering stations and multipath signals. Can be installed on a boat, RV or used in the field during your next camping trip.



  • Tuned for FM-BC 88-108 MHz reception
  • Full physical size 1/2w folded dipole
  • FM Stereo & HD radio
  • Rugged PVC radome
  • Internal Balun
  • Type F connect (75 ohm)
  • Paintable to match any décor
  • Mounts in any position for best signal
  • Mildly directional perpendicular to length
  • Dimensions: 61″L x ~1″ diameter, tube shaped
  • Range: Up to 100+ miles, varies by location/conditions
  • Weight: 1 lbs
  • Mounting clips included
  • Weather Resistant (suggest paint for UV protection if mounted outdoors in sun)
  • Engineered and individually made by hand in Arizona, USA by KA0SBL



  • Kenn Ranous
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