ebay sellers beware!

Effective August 1st 2019 ebay has activated a new automated returns system. Buyers can initiate a return for any reason they choose and ebay automatically prints them a return shipping label at the sellers expense. Once returned, the seller has 2 days to refund the buyer or ebay will happily perform that task for you.

Fortunately the seller gets their ebay & paypal fees back, but you’re out shipping both ways. And you’re really relying on the buyers honesty to return the item in one piece. So far I’ve been lucky in that regard.

new ebay return policy = one-click scamming!

Shady buyers (and sellers) are nothing new on fleabay, but the new policy makes it too easy. No communication with seller is required. I’m not the only seller who’s seen a ridiculous increase in frivolous returns.

I think the risk is now too great for anything of real value or weight. With shipping costs going up and many states charging sales tax, perhaps there will be a revival in good old fashioned in-person inspect & cash deals. Like hamfests or local classifieds.



PS: Note to anyone that thinks it’s Ok to just return stuff because you changed your mind, know that many sellers on ebay are people just like yourselves trying to supplement their income.


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