Road Trip! Oak Creek – Downtown Sedona Arizona

Just a few hundred yards off the busy highway through downtown Sedona runs Oak Creek. Access is limited, but we were fortunate enough to be staying at the Amara Resort. It has a fine pool overlooking the creek. I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story.

Ok, I have to throw a few shameless yet deserving plugs out there for Josh and all the staff at the Amara Kimpton Resort. You made the trip more personable (Josh, take care of Catty the cat!). Also to the Pump House Station Eatery for their great brunch, reasonable prices and very cozy atmosphere. Last and not least is THAT Brewery & Pub in Pine, Arizona. Nothing beats a small local brewery, my compliments on the Road Rash IPA.


  • Kenn Ranous


PS: Status report on Fivemile Lake – Dry weather has taken it’s toll, and as of September 2018 it’s two small shallow ponds. Still a nice place for a roadside stop.


(ken ranous, kenneth ranous)

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