The RTL-SDR for Linux Quick Start Guide – Second Edition v2.18

Greetings radio fans! I’m pleased to release an update to the guide. I’ve confirmed the installation process is the same in Linux Mint 18.3 as it was in 17.x. Most applications still work and have continued to evolve nicely. As any radio is only as good as it’s antenna system, I elaborated a bit more. An experiment in lightning detection was added as well as additional resources. And I geeked in Gimp for a fresh cover page. 🙂

Speaking of antennas, many radio enthusiasts in urban environments find RFI noise and restrictions on antennas to really hamper their hobby. If that’s your situation, time to think outside the box! Take an SDR and a laptop into the great outdoors. I recently took one camping on a mountain and strung up about 200′ of wire zig-zagging through the trees. The results were just phenomenal. In town I have good antennas at my QTH, but my spectrum has a lot of spikes and over-load from nearby pagers and FM-BC. Out there, there were even more spikes but most of them actual stations with good copy.

As always, feel free to distribute the info as you see fit. The direct link to the PDF is below and on the sidebar.



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