Getting Google Earth working in Linux Mint 18.x

I had been delaying an upgrade from Mint 17.3 to 18 because when I tried 18.0, Google Earth stopped working. Things were no better with Mint 18.1 or Mint 18.2. The problem was, Google Earth would install and start to run, but hang on start-up and go into a mostly unresponsive state. It would look something like this:


Google Earth blowin’ up in Linux Mint.


I did some research, tried safe mode, checking that all dependencies were satisfied and different video drivers. This was happening on any machine I installed on so I knew it wasn’t hardware.

To make a long story short, as of October 2017 the best solution I’ve found is to install an older version of Google Earth. It appears that Google Earth Pro build date 1/17/2017 installs and works as it should. Even the Photos load. There’s a thread on the Mint forums discussing this issue:


And according to said thread, the GE support team made version 64bit (.deb) available for download at:


Use this source at your own risk. I got it and it appears legit. If it was bogus, I tend to think the Linux Mint forum people would flag it. Might be a good idea to keep that .deb file backed up for future use.  🙂


Google Earth Pro working in Linux Mint 18.2. Life is good again. Unless that’s your RV.


  • Kenn Ranous



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