A 22 year old cat named Sue.

Meet Sue, a 22 year old kitty nick-named ‘The Tuna Roomba’ because of her appetite as she’ll just vacuum up all the tuna she finds like a robot. We’re fostering her from Fearless Kitty Rescue due to her age. She needs special attention and consideration, so she wasn’t made available to the general public for adoption. In our home, she has two other cats and a dog with whom she gets along with splendidly. She’s in charge and calls all the shots, no question about it.

Sue basking in the warm rays of an Arizona sun.


I have a personal affection for old girl cats. Recent blood & urine tests indicate her kidneys are in the early stages of renal failure, as is so common in cats. Sue came to us from her original owner who had passed away. She was under-weight at a touch under 5 lbs, but six months later I have her up to a touch over 6 lbs. Doctors orders are to feed her as much as she wants, of which she seems to have zero objections. I hope to have as much time as possible and fuss over her daily.


Sitting in the sun.


Nothing could be more accurate than the old saying “Dogs have Masters, Cats have staff”.


All of your tunas are mine.


  • Kenn Ranous

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