FM Stereo HD Radio Folded Dipole Antenna in a Rugged PVC Radome

Engineered and assembled by me personally, I’m now offering this proven design for sale! Each unit has been individually tested to ensure 100% quality control. This antenna is designed to be installed indoors, in a closet, in an attic, under an eve or patio. Constructed of durable schedule 40 PVC pipe, this is not a fragile antenna subject to easy damage or detuning due to rain. It’s mildly directional perpendicular to it’s length – just enough to help null out interfering stations and multipath signals. Can be installed on a boat, RV or used in the field during your next camping trip.



  • Tuned for FM-BC 88-108 MHz reception
  • Full physical size 1/2w folded dipole
  • FM Stereo & HD radio
  • Rugged PVC radome
  • Internal Balun
  • Type F connect (75 ohm)
  • Paintable to match any décor
  • Mounts in any position for best signal
  • Mildly directional perpendicular to length
  • Dimensions: 61″L x ~1″ diameter, tube shaped
  • Range: Up to 100 miles, varies by location/conditions
  • Weight: 1 lbs
  • Mounting clips included
  • Weather Resistant (suggest paint for UV protection if mounted outdoors in sun)
  • Engineered and individually made by hand in Arizona, USA by KA0SBL


Antenna for FM HD Radio

Antenna for FM HD Radio

Antenna for FM HD Radio


Available for purchase on ebay or contact me for a local demo.


Thanks for l00kin!

  • Kenn Ranous

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