Real Estate Photography

These photos are of a condo I sold. I’m posting them to help a client learn more about real estate photography. Here I can point out what I did well and what needs improvement. I think they turned out pretty well for the most part, a few could have used some color adjustments. That’s the problem with taking photos of scenes lit with various light sources, such as a room that has sunlight, incandescent and fluorescent. To the eye, everything looks ‘normal’ when you’re there because the mind corrects it. Cameras have no such function so those light sources appear different. Sunlight is considered ‘normal’ to a bit warm. Incandescent lights will appear warmer or more orangish. Fluorescent lights may look blue-ish or greenish.


All shots were done using manual settings. Outdoor shots were freehand and indoor shots were on a tripod with slower shutter speeds. I opt’d not to use flashes and to process them at natural levels, ie not overly enhance the contrast and saturation. I wanted to document how the place looks, but adding some visual pizzazz is also a valid way.  In the end, an out of state buyer had pretty much made up their minds they wanted the place based on what they saw in the photos.


-Kenn Ranous


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