Vintage Audio Equipment: Sherwood S-7100A Stereo Receiver

Circa 1970, made in Japan. I purchased this unit from the original owner. It needed the usual treatment, dust out the insides, replace dial lamps, clean the potentiometers jacks and switches. I also lightly scuffed the wood cabinet with a fine scotch pad and brushed in some linseed oil. It has a few minor nicks, and sure, I could have power-sanded it down and re-stained it, but I chose to maintain the original staining. It looks and sounds great!


I’m still on the fence if I want to sell this one. It’s in really good condition and is a notch above the other vintage stereos I normally restore. They’re a joy to work on, so well made, durable and easy to service.

I took these photos with a new-to-me camera, a Sony DSC-H5 7.2mp advanced point and shoot I found at a yard sale. It had corroded battery terminals and was destined for the trash. With a little TLC, it has a new lease on life. It eats batteries pretty fast but takes a nice picture. I still get a sense of satisfaction in rescuing this old equipment. Post-Production of photos was done in Darktable 2.0.1 under Linux Mint 17.3. The only issue I had was doing lens correction to fix distortion on the close-ups. The Sony DSC-H5 has a nice Carl Zeiss f2.8 lens but isn’t listed in Darktable. The Sony DSC-H1 has a very similar (if not the same) lens so using that setting seems to do the job.

As always, if you’re working with any of the equipment I’ve documented here and have any questions or need some assistance, feel free to drop me a line.


— Kenn Ranous

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