Canyon de Chelly, South Rim – Navajo Nation – Arizona

We did the complete most of the South Rim drive from mid-afternoon to just after sunset. It was a nearly perfect day, a few clouds and a light breeze. It’s very easy to forget everything else and live in the day. That’s what I like about visiting with nature. Forget about cell phones, emails, finances and any other worries you have. They get whisked away in the breeze like a dandelion.

You can’t come away from this place without at least a few good pictures and a lasting impression of your visit. In many scenes you’ll find great contrast between the well lit far canyon wall and the large shadows cast by the near walls. It’s a good place to spend time waiting for the right light, but you can hardly go wrong no matter what the time.

Located East of Chinle, Canyon de Chelly is part of the National Park System. Here, there is no fee to enter. Nobody bothers you if you stay past sunset, and this is definitely the place to experience one. The White House Ruins are the only place you’re allowed to hike into the canyon without a tour guide. The red sandstone just glows in the last golden hour of the day.



  • Photos by Kenn Ranous. Taken with an Olympus e500 DSLR with a Zuiko 14-45mm lens using the Landscape preset, freehand. Processed using Darktable, the best Open Source photo image manager for Linux! (Hooray Penguins!)
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