Spooky abandoned cabins in the woods near Hawley Lake

While visiting Hawley and Earl Park Lakes, we saw many cozy cabins spread throughout the wooded area. Some were very nice while many were abandoned and in various states of disrepair. I don’t know why this is, maybe they’re haunted. Some of them were kindy spooky lookin’, especially as the sun went down and windowless interiors got dark. It did seem kind of sad, one can imagine families spending a weekend there having cookouts and kids playing in the woods. I contemplated the temporary nature of all things … sooner or later, everything returns to the earth.



  • Photos by Kenn Ranous. Taken with an Olympus evolt e500 with a Zuiko 14-45mm lens. Processed in Darktable for Linux. Many of these shots were taken with the sun up and behind the subject, kind of the opposite of what you ideally want. As the cabins were ‘off limits’, I elected to go with the flow and just shoot photos from the road.
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