Green Desert

On September 27th 2014, the Phoenix Metro area got yet another late summer monsoon. We’ve been getting a lot more rain than usual this year and the desert is greener than ever. Being a desert dweller, rain is a big deal. I normally ride them out at home as desert dwellers are usually idiots on the road especially when it rains. This time, I grabbed my water sandles, umbrella and camera and took a ride around town to survey the flooding.

Colony Wash was flowing heavy, as seen in some photos. The rest were taken at the Fountain Hills Desert Botanical Garden on Fountain Hills Boulevard. The desert gets so colorful during a rain and I wish they made a camera that could capture the wonderfull smell of a desert rain. One of the highlights of the Botanical Garden is an old masonry dam built by ranchers long before Fountain Hills was even an idea. And like rain, finding anything historical and still intact in these parts is kinda rare. This is the first time I’ve ever seen it overflow. Having been a particularly wet season, there was moss of all colors on the rocks and stream banks.

I used the DSLR on this one, and it was a challenge to keep the lens dry even with an umbrella. I managed to get a few good shots and processed them in … you guessed it! Darktable! ;]
— Kenn Ranous

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