Update on Sunny the Cat

Well, it seems Sunny has been returned to the shelter, having not integrated well into her new home. Something about a dog. Don’t worry, Sunny is in good hands, and pending my own personal doom she’ll be cared for one way or another. Tonight, while doing regularly scheduled Sunday night cat patrol, I made some progress with her. It seems some guy must have been bad to her in the past, so she didn’t warm up to me. And I have to be honest, in February I was attacked by another cat I was trying to rescue personally on my own … not related to the shelter I work with. I got a nasty infection and had to go to Urgent Care to get pumped full of anti-biotics. Lacking personal health insurance, that was yet another hit I didn’t need, but I recovered and the scars are healing. An degree of extra caution around sketchy cats has been installed, or, put another way, just a wee bit of fear. I think Sunny picked up on that, and our mutual fears created a barrier.


It used to be her eyes would get big around as saucers at the mere sight of a guy. But tonight, after 8 months of trying to get this cat to relax around me without hissing and swatting, we finally made some headway.


Sunny and Ken

Trust. I haz it.


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