Sunrise Peak: White Mountains, Arizona

There’s nothing quite like being in the mountains during a summer monsoon. We made a trip to Sunrise Peak in the White Mountains of Eastern Arizona. The altitude was 10,700′ and temperature about 60 degrees. The Ski lift was open for mountain bikers, hikers and nature lovers alike. Ten bucks per person and one could ride the lift up and down all day until your heart was content. The weather changed by the hour, alternating between showers and sun with a gentle fog rolling up the freshly watered mountainside. Pristine moist air and almost perfect quiet, every little sound of the rain, birds or distant thunder seemed to be in high def.

On the way up …

Going up Sunrise Peak


The view from the top made us feel there was no other time or place we’d rather be.

Top of the World


The lift whisked us down the mountain at tree-top level in almost complete silence.

Floating through the treetops


Here’s the best photos from our adventure:


Photographer: Ken Ranous

Camera: Olympus evolt e500

Lense: Olympus Zuiko Digital 14-45mm f/3.5-5.6

Preset: Outdoors, Automatic

Digital Development: Darktable Open Source Photo Management and Processing in Linux Mint

Presentation: WordPress

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