Top Ten Reasons to Volunteer

Top ten reasons to volunteer, or, why I volunteer:


  • 1. There are countless animals in need of a home.
  • 2. There are many people in need of a new companion.
  • 3. You’ll meet new people and make new friends.
  • 4. You’ll learn new skills.
  • 5. You’ll feel good about yourself in ways you didn’t think possible.
  • 6. You can believe that you’re making a difference and know it’s the truth.
  • 7. It’s cheaper than therapy!
  • 8. It looks great on a resume.
  • 9. You get respect from your inner self and others on a level superseding anything you could purchase.
  • 10. You can break the ice with anyone by proudly proclaiming you’re a volunteer at the local cat house. 🙂

Take a look at some of these photos and imagine you had a hand in saving them from destruction while touching the lives of those who adopted them. Most of the people who adopted them are still asking who saved who? Whether you volunteer with an organization that helps animals or humans, I can guarantee you’ll love it. Just give it a shot for an hour or two a week for at least 3 months, I bet you’ll stay longer.


Gem is a confident well socialized kitty.



Felix is plotting something. IDK what it is yet.


At first, Sunny wasn’t sure what I was pointing at her …


… but she soon realized it was just another cat nut with a camera and resumed chilling. Unlike most of the cats that come through the shelter, I couldn’t really get Sunny to warm up to me. I suspect some guy must have been really rotten to her as most of the ladies did much better in gaining her trust. Nonetheless, she was recently adopted by a nice lady. I like happy endings!


– Ken Ranous


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